When it comes to creating unique event experiences, Courchevel stands as an unrivaled canvas. Nestled in the heart of the French Alps, this snowy ski resort sets the stage for unforgettable events that transcend the ordinary.

At Baily Pearl, we take pride in sourcing exceptional venues that match our clients’ needs. Here’s an inside look at three exceptional events that perfectly showcase the artistry of venue selection and event concept curation in Courchevel.

teepes in the snow Courchevel

Choosing the Perfect Location

Our first challenge is always finding the ideal location for an event amidst the snow-capped mountains of Courchevel. Every client is unique, and our extensive network and knowledge of the area allow us to source secluded spots that you wouldn’t usually have access to.

After careful consideration of the client’s brief, we’ll activate our network to secure the ideal location for the event. We’ll also work with the event agency to ensure the location fits the brief from a logistical perspective. Our event expertise combined with our strong local network guarantees a flawless event every time.

Winter Wonderland Kids Birthday

Imagine a child’s birthday party surrounded by the breathtaking snow-capped mountains of Courchevel. For this event, our team sourced an exclusive spot in the middle of the slopes. The event agency then completely transformed this blank canvas into a winter wonderland, complete with a teepee, fir-tree forest, snow-themed decorations, cozy blankets, and festive lights.


Jungle Vibes: A Grown-Up Birthday Extravaganza

For this sophisticated and unique birthday celebration, the jungle was brought indoors. Guests were greeted with traditional savoyard animations and once inside the teepee, found themselves immersed in lush greenery and a soft candle-lit atmosphere. The seamless integration of the tepee’s cozy atmosphere with the vibrant jungle theme created an unforgettable setting for a special birthday party.

jungle decoration Courchevel party

Snowy Brazil Fiesta: Fireworks and Capoeira

For this event, guests were transported to the lively spirit of Brazil in the snow-covered landscapes of Courchevel. Several teepees were installed in a space in the heart of the slopes. Inside, they were adorned with vibrant colours and exotic floral decoration brought the Brazilian theme to life. 

Dancers and capoeira performers brought the entertainment and a spectacular fireworks display topped off this vibrant evening. This masterful blend of snowy landscapes and tropical energy left guests in awe, making it an event to remember.

Brazilian party Courchevel

Working with us 

At Baily Pearl, we’ll help you turn your dreams into reality by sourcing a unique venue for your event in the magical backdrop of Courchevel. Whether you’re envisioning a winter wonderland for a child’s birthday party or an exotic jungle experience for a special celebration, our venue sourcing and event expertise ensure that your event is seamlessly executed.

Ready to turn your dream event into a reality? Contact us today to secure the perfect location for an unforgettable experience in Courchevel. Let’s create memories that last a lifetime!