We’re extremely demanding of the places we offer in our catalogue. We know every property owner and we make sure that each home meets the esthetic and logistical criterion of excellence that are needed to welcome a family in the sun, host a wedding, a corporate function or a filming crew.

Our only priority: make it exceptionnal

We look for a common denominator in all the locations that we visit: they have to be one of a kind. Prime locations in the most sought-after destinations that are inspirational and feed the mind. The property owners that are exceptional people. Places that unlock the door to a world of unforgettable experiences. Wherever we take you, we promise you’ll meet the extraordinary.

Beauty at every level

Esthetics is usually one aspect that we pay close attention to when exploring a new location. Whether it’s a luxury villa, a designer chalet, a palace in Italy, a medieval fort overlooking the sea, a former industrial site, a vineyard cut off from the rest of the world or even a desert of sand, every one of our locations has been chosen for its ability to immediately create a sense of wonder.

An ode to conviviality, relaxation and sharing together

We’re sensitive to the emotions that our selected locations can evoke. To the atmospheres created by a room or a space. To the refined decoration and noble materials used. To the way owners manage their properties in accordance with the values and culture of their region. They must all make you feel like dancing, laughing, living life to the full and sharing intensely memorable moments.

Ideal locations for your photos shoots and film sets

Many of our references can accommodate your private or professional events or serve as a backdrop for your photo shoots and film sets. Beyond their esthetic features/design, we also select our addresses according to their technical and logistical capacities to host events and audiovisual productions.

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