The 33rd Monaco Yacht Show takes place in Monaco from September 25th to 28th 2024, offering a unique opportunity to organise your yachting events in the Principality’s most beautiful and exclusive venues.

The Monaco Yacht Show, the yachting event of the year

Every year, the Monaco Yacht Show brings together the most beautiful yachts in the world. The largest yachts in the world are on display, with yachts over one hundred metres in length being presented to hand-picked buyers and enthusiasts.

The Monaco Yacht Show is the ultimate luxury yachting event and, above all, an exceptional showcase for companies in the industry.

To help you make the most of this unique opportunity, our teams, who have been present at the show with various brands for over a decade, will open the doors of the most luxurious venues for your events.

Exclusive event venues Monaco Yacht Show

Together, we can bring your yachting events to life

Whether you’ve been attending the show for several years or are new to it, like many professionals in the sector, every year you find yourself faced with the eternal conundrum of finding the ideal venue for your event during the Monaco Yacht Show.

After all, the Monaco Yacht Show is not just your average boat show; it’s the event yachting where you need to be and be seen.

So here you are, faced with the challenge of putting on the event of the year for an ultra VIP clientele. 

Whether it’s a simple stand, an evening event, a cocktail party, a PR operation, a brand activation or a pop up space, you need to find the place that’s trendy right now and likely to appeal to an ultra VIP clientele.

And in Monaco, finding a top-of-the-range venue or site that is available during the Monaco Yacht Show is no small feat. Firstly, because Monaco is a city that moves fast and fashionable venues come and go with the seasons, but also because it’s a network game where you often need to be introduced and know the right people. 

Exclusive event venues Monaco Yacht Show

Our teams have been working in the principality of Monaco for over 15 years, and are on hand all year round for a variety of events. They have also forged many relationships with the owners of local establishments, restaurants and hotels, as well as yachts, villas and apartments owners, rooftop owners, the Monegasque authorities and the show organisers, with whom you have to show your credentials for every event you organise.

The Monaco Yacht Show is also a set of constraints that have to be complied with if you want to organise your event with peace of mind. 

Signage and point-of-sale advertising are regulated, delivery and collection times are tightly controlled, and events are closely scrutinised and hand-picked.

To make things easier for you, tell us about your projects, your wishes and your constraints, and we’ll find you the ideal venue for organising your events during the Monaco Yacht Show.

And finally, don’t forget to book accommodation for yourself and your teams: an apartment in Monaco, a villa in the hills or even a guest house or small hotel close to the principality, everything is possible and simple if you surround yourself with professionals who are there to listen to your needs and assist you.

Contact us today to find your ideal event venue during the Monaco Yacht Show.