If there is one city in the world whose name is synonymous with cinema, it is undoubtedly Cannes and its legendary Film Festival.

With 76 editions to date, the Cannes Film Festival is arguably the most famous festival in the world and one of the most publicized events. This prestigious cinematic celebration isn’t just about red carpets and silver screens; it’s also a playground for luxury corporate brands looking to elevate their events to unforgettable heights.

For those seeking to make a lasting impression amid the glitz and glamour of Cannes, selecting the right venue is an art form in itself. Whether you’re planning an exclusive soir√©e, a product launch, or a VIP gathering, the choice of venue is crucial.

In this article, we dive into the world of the Cannes Film Festival and unveil our tips for choosing the perfect venue, ensuring your brand shines brightly.


Cannes, the world capital of cinema 

The story begins in 1939. Europe was then fighting against German domination, which went so far as to interfere in the selection of the famous Venice Film Festival, much to the dismay of the French delegation, who returned scandalized.

Back in France, the French delegation worked with the government to create a film festival in France that was independent of all political considerations. After a first edition was cancelled when France and the United Kingdom declared war on Nazi Germany, the first Cannes Film Festival was finally held in 1946.

Over the years, the festival grew to such an extent that it became an unmissable event in international cinema. This is why Cannes is considered by many to be the world capital of cinema.

Today, the¬†Cannes Film Festival¬†has also become a strategic challenge for brands, who are creatively vying with each other to make the most of an event that attracts the world’s leading media.

Unique venues for your Cannes Film Festival event 

There’s no secret to being seen in Cannes: you need to find the most fashionable venue, which will attract movie stars (and press and influencers in their wake) thanks to its location, originality, and luxury.

In Cannes, there’s the place of the moment and then there’s everything else. Choose an inappropriate location and you’ll risk being ignored by a demanding clientele.

Finding a venue in Cannes for a press conference, a launch party, a PR operation, a brand activation, or even a simple cocktail party is a strategic challenge for any brand or advertiser.

lieu site événement cannes


Our tips for choosing the right venue in Cannes

1/ Stay central

If there’s one thing you need to know when looking for the ideal event venue in Cannes, it’s that festival-goers don’t like using transport. So choose your venue accordingly! A villa in the heights of Cannes, in Mougins or Cap d’Antibes, a rooftop on the Croisette, an apartment in the town centre or an art gallery by the harbour will do the trick.

lieu site festival de cannes

2/ Know the latest hot spots

The second tip is that Cannes Film Festival-goers love new things. So you’ll need to keep abreast of the latest hot spots, new hotels, and trendy restaurants. Be the first to spot what will soon be the undisputed film festival spot.

3/ Exclusivity

Thirdly, remember that festival-goers love luxury as much as originality. Indulge them by finding the most exclusive villas and original venues that will surprise and awaken the curiosity of your guests.

4/ Avoid common pitfalls

You should also be aware that Festival-goers go to bed late, so avoid common pitfalls: a villa with a magnificent garden next to a retirement home, for example, is not recommended.

5/ Define your needs

Finally, define all your constraints well in advance: logistics, access, catering, decoration, etc., so that you can choose a venue suited to your project.

Find your perfect event venue during the Cannes Film Festival

At Baily Pearl, we’ve been taking part in the Film Festival for 18 years. With a year-round presence on the C√īte d’Azur, we know every nook and cranny and what’s new. Coming from the world of events, we have, like you, been confronted many times with the challenge of finding the ideal venue for an event during the Cannes Film Festival.

Let us help you find your ideal event venue during the Cannes Film Festival. Enquire with our team today